Alpha Dental Care in Milton provides kids an children's dental care for both new and existing residents in Milton. Our office is located on Bronte St. and has ample parking for families looking for our dental office.  We are proud to provide pediatric dentistry that is kind, caring and gentle.

Many parents are unsure as to what they need to do to plan their child's first visit to a dentist. They think brushing teeth is enough and nothing else should be done until  problems occur. Deciduous teeth are temporary and they are replaced by permanent teeth with time. The process of replacement is durable and begins from the age of 6. People can underestimate the importance of dental care for this reason. Pediatric dentistry is frequently ignored as if primary teeth do not require good care. However, this is an absolutely wrong approach because healthy baby teeth are necessary for formation of healthy adult teeth. Permanent teeth can also become infected. Moreover, neglected cases can entail more serious medical conditions apart from dental problems.

The children’s dentists at Alpha Dental Care in Milton know how important primary teeth are and understand how anxious kids can be during their visits to the dentist. Our dentists will do their best to make your child feel safe and relaxed. 

Peculiarities of primary teeth

  1. Deciduous teeth have nerves and roots. For some mothers and fathers it`s a real discovery.
  2. The most part of the milk teeth crown takes pulp. That`s why the decaying process develops in them much quicker than in permanent teeth.
  3. Enamel and dentin of deciduous teeth are thinner than those of the adult ones.

Researchers revealed that tooth decay can be found in 28% of children from 2 to 5 (one cavity or more). This figure emphasizes the scale of the problem that pediatric dentistry faces. Parents should start worrying before tooth decay develops. Children's dentistry should be more about preventive actions. The tooth decay is highly preventable disease so it is better to start regular dental check-ups when first teeth appear and then do it twice a year, or as often as children’s dentist requires.

Some specialists advise that you should make the first dental check before the child turns two, while the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends doing it before the first birthday. The earlier you start the better. Parents need to form the attitude of the child, to make the kid know how important oral hygiene is. Children also get accustomed to smell, noise and atmosphere at the children’s dentistry. Such children are less prone to avoid the problem so they have healthier teeth in the future. 

At Alpha Dental Care first visit is usually short and involves building relationship between your child and your dentist. Parents can sit in the room if they wish to or they can wait in the reception area during the part of the visit. Your child’s first dental visit also involves gentle exam of teeth and gums. X-rays may be taken to check the extent of the decay and how the permanent teeth are erupting with respect to the eruption pattern. We may clean your child’s teeth and apply fluoride in case it is necessary. Most importantly we will review with you how to clean your child’s teeth.

Tips for first visit

  • Talk to your child about your dentist and how it’s going to be.
  • Read a book with them about dental visit.
  • Talk about how the visit will be like.


What to expect during first visit:

  • Examination of teeth, mouth, gums.
  • Diagnose/evaluate any adverse habits like thumb sucking.
  • Showing/teaching your child how to clean teeth.

Children’s dentist should raise the awareness and teach parents to provide adequate dental care. Awareness helps to avoid many dental complications. Parents should know what causes tooth decay and how to protect primary teeth. Going to bed with a bottle can bring to cavities as bottle with juice creates ideal conditions for bacteria. Any other sugary food such as candy sucked for a long time has the same effect. Teeth should not be exposed to sugars long. Food, bacteria, saliva, acid are combined and make a substance called plaque. It has a destructive force. It sticks to the tooth, and acids start eating the enamel with time.  

Visit to the children's dentist helps to detect the signs of early tooth decay. It is necessary to provide the early treatment if this happens. Parents should care about the beautiful smile of their children. It will determine their well-being throughout the life.

So if you are considering a children’s dentist in Milton, just call us at 905-876-0200 to book an appointment for an initial consultation.