Foods That Affect the Color of Your Teeth

There is hardly a more tempting and admirable thing than a table laden with an abundance of delicacies, fruits, veggies, and sweets. During moments like this few of us think about dangers hiding behind this beautiful setting.


These appetizing colors are pigments that cause our teeth to lose color. Besides, most of this food stuff is highly acidic, and acids obliterate dental enamel, weaken its structure, and make it more susceptible to staining and decay. Here is the price we pay: most of the products we take on a daily basis are as delicious as they are harmful for our teeth.

If you are wondering if the food you are looking at can stain your teeth, please, remember: everything that can stain your table cloth, carpet, dress, etc., can stain your teeth!

Foods That Stain Our Teeth

What you have just read does not mean you must quit on these delicious products right away. Please, don’t! Some of them have very healthy properties, so enjoy your meal! Just don’t forget to use your toothbrush and toothpaste.