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Your First Visit With Us

For new patients, your first visit with us will be a little more in depth and slightly different from a regular checkup. In your first visit we are looking to get to know more about you, your overall health, the condition of your teeth, and any current or previous medical issues you have or have faced. During your initial visit we are going to ask you to share your medical history with us and inform us of any previous medications you have taken, or any medications you are still taking. By sharing this information it will allow us to provide you with the safest dental care. During your first visit some things you can expect to have done include:

  • A physical exam of your teeth so that we can learn the condition of them
  • The appropriate X-Rays and radiographs so that we can view the structure of the jaw and any teeth that have no erupted yet
  • Go over your medical history and any previous dental issues you have had
  • Address any questions or concerns you may have

Once your initial visit is complete, if you are over the age of four, we recommend that you come in for regular checkups with us so that we can continue to provide you with the best family dental care in Milton. Regular checkups are important for several different reasons such as:

  • We can check for problems with your teeth that may not be visible and that you may not feel
  • We can check for and address any signs of symptoms we find that indicate early decay may occur
  • Find any oral health problems and treat them early before the condition worsens

If you are interested in having your first visit with us please feel free to contact us.



Customer service is paramount to how we run our business.  We want to ensure that all clients are happy and know that we truly care.  If there is ever an issue we will always ensure that you leave happy and comfortable.

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The staff at Alpha Dental Care are extremely friendly, knowledgeable, caring and ensure that all patients are happy and healthy.  As a Milton Dentist Office we know our growing town needs dentists that are able to serve the needs of new families in their search for the best Milton Dentist.  If you're new to Milton or simply looking for a new local dental office give us a call at 905-876-0200 or email

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