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Tooth Extactions

Tooth extractions can be done for a various amounts of reasons but should be used as a last resort since there are new and emerging alternative solutions. Tooth extractions can be done if the tooth is very badly damaged and can not be fixed using any other method, if the tooth has suffered any trauma or decay over time, or tooth extractions can be conducted if the mouth is too crowded and there is no room for new teeth to fit. Overall tooth extractions can have positives and negatives and can be recommended for several different dental issue.

The Process

For the process to begin the doctor will apply a local anesthetic to the tooth, and any jawbones and gums that may be surrounding the area. If you feel any pain during the process it is important to note that more anesthetic can be applied if necessary. The next step of the process is a tooth widening tool will be used to widen the area and it will rock the tooth back and forth to assist in the extraction process. Once that step has been completed the tooth will then be pulled and the extraction process will be complete.

If you feel that you meet any of the criteria that warrants a tooth extraction please feel free to contact us and book an appointment and we will give you the best medical option for your problem!


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