Family Dentist in Milton Composite vs. Amalgam Fillings

Composite (tooth coloured) vs. Amalgam (silver) Fillings

Your teeth need fillings if they are cracked, chipped or damaged by tooth decay. Decay causes dental cavities, holes in the teeth that are the main reason for toothaches, dental infections or even a tooth loss. If you leave a tooth decay untreated, it may lead to root canal treatment or extraction. That's why it's vital to treat cavities as early as possible to prevent unwanted pain and expenses.

A dental filling is the repair of the crown of a natural tooth. It replaces the missing part of the tooth damaged due to tooth decay or fracture. First, the exact decay location is determined by X-Ray. After the decay is removed, the tooth is filled with either amalgam or composite filling to make it feel and look good as new.

At Alpha Dental Care, we offer both silver amalgam fillings and tooth-colored resin composites. Your dentist will examine your teeth and recommend a filling type depending on the location of the filling, the amount of restoration and your budget. Silver amalgam fillings are commonly used on the back teeth to be less visible, while composite fillings are generally used in the smile zone.

White Composite Fillings

Aesthetics are the main advantage of composite resin fillings as they are more natural-looking than traditional silver fillings. Composite fillings contain particles of silica or ceramics in a polymer matrix. They match the natural color of the tooth and blend in seamlessly with the rest of your teeth. Dew to new bonding technologies tooth-colored composites add strength to weakened teeth and support the remaining tooth structure. Unfortunately, such fillings do not have the same longevity as amalgam fillings do and may need to be replaced in under 10 years.

Silver amalgam fillings can boast the greatest strength and durability. Such benefits become crucial when applying on back teeth where chewing forces are utmost. Silver amalgam fillings contain silver, tin, copper and mercury. This type of fillings is rather inexpensive and is mostly used to fill small cavities.

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