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What is a Dental X-Ray

Dental X-Rays are very common and are typically part of every patients appointment. Dental X-Rays allow dentists to look at all the teeth and jaw bones and evaluate the overall health of them. A dental X-Ray provides dental experts with information that is typically not visible during the initial exam. This gives dental experts the chance to find any hidden dental issues that may be present and then decide what the appropriate net step would be. 

Are Dental X-Rays Safe?

Dental X-Rays are a procedure that is considered very safe and not harmful to the client. When comparing dental X-Rays to other types of X-Rays, Dental X-Rays only have a portion of the radiation that other X-Rays give off and the radiation that is given off from dental X-Rays is considered to be harmless. It is important to note that choosing digital X-Rays will be even safer as they are more modern and the newest technology in the dental X-Ray realm. By choosing digital it can benefit you in several different ways such as:

  • They are SAFER and give off radiation levels that are 90% lower then before
  • They are HEALTHIER because they not longer use any chemicals in the X-Ray process
  • They are FASTER because they take less time then traditional X-Rays and can be viewed right after the image has been taken
  • They are BETTER then traditional X-Rays because this type of X-Ray allows dentist to see more of the tooth and give them more information so they can make a more educated diagnosis
  • They are EASIER because they are less hassle and images are stored and uploaded digitally


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