Alpha Dental Care offers dental bridges installation and restoration for the residents of Milton, Ontario.

Dental bridges serve to fill the gap that appeared due to the missing teeth. This is an excellent tooth replacement option. Fixed dental prosthesis can consist of several crowns that are cemented on the anchoring teeth. As a rule, artificial teeth are placed between the supporting teeth. If it’s impossible then implant is necessary beside the missing tooth. In this case, dental bridge is placed on an implant. 

This is wrong to focus just on the aesthetic issues like most people do when this problem is discussed. There are other flaws as well that are seldom mentioned and they are no less important. When some teeth are missing, this can cause shifting of surrounding teeth to the “vacant place” and this brings to misalignment in the bite. Dental bridges are able to restore the ability to chew and bite in a right way because the forces of the bite should be distributed properly. A patient also regains the ability to speak properly. Finally, installation of the dental bridge provides cosmetic advantages. 

Types of dental bridges

Dental bridges vary depending on the type and material used.

  1. Traditional bridges. This type of bridges belongs to the most popular ones and is used most often. In this case, teeth on both sides of the missing tooth (teeth) are prepared for crowns with false tooth or teeth attached to them in a bridge.
  2. Cantilever bridges. This kind of bridges is applied when there is supporting tooth on one side only. This is not used often now because other teeth suffer. Force can produce destructing effect on them. 
  3. Maryland bonded bridges. They are supported by framework made of porcelain or metal. This kind of bridge is attached with wings, which are fixed to the abutment teeth not damaging them. This is a huge benefit of this option as other teeth remain safe and sound. This method is used frequently in the front of the mouth when neighboring teeth are absolutely healthy.  

Bridges can be made of different materials such as gold, silver amalgam, but the most common material used for them is porcelain because false teeth look natural then. They are the most durable when made of gold and metal alloys. In comparison with them, all-porcelain crown is not so strong. Nice alternative is porcelain fused to metal dental bridge, which is stronger compared to all-porcelain options.

Why use dental bridges

Here are the following advantages of dental bridges:

  • Long life expectancy;
  • Only two appointments are required to make dental bridges;
  • Person gets chewing comfort;
  • There is no need to remove them for cleaning;
  • They look aesthetically convincing as real teeth;
  • This is a low-risk treatment;
  • Reasonable cost;
  • This treatment contributes to general oral health;
  • The shape of your face is restored;
  • Full restoration of dental functionality.

Life expectancy of dental bridges varies from 5 to 15 years, in some cases it lasts even longer. The person should avoid hard foods and objects as well to prevent the damage of the bridges. The durability also depends upon your oral hygiene. With proper care, their working lifespan increases and you can enjoy your beautiful smile for years to come! 

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