What is dental cleaning?

Teeth cleaning is a kind of procedure, which is aimed at removing dental plaque and tartar from your teeth. This procedure should be carried out on a regular basis by a professional dentist. If conducted properly, it will keep your mouth healthy and help you prevent a number of diseases that actually originate in your mouth and may spread to other areas of your body.

Why do it?

The buildup that forms on the teeth contains calcium, which it gets from saliva that is permanently there. Over time, the substance accumulates and forms plaques, which are paradise for bacteria. As the condition progresses, the bacterial infestation increases and creates a potential for various health issues.

Plaques form in the pocketing area, which normally goes 3-5 mm deep below the gum line. Here the gum is not attached to the tooth bone, it just clings to it. When a dentist has to check your condition, he/she uses a probe to reach areas under the gums and check for plaques. If the condition has progressed, the pocketing area may increase. The bacterial contamination causes inflammation, which results in red and swollen gums. The teeth cleaning procedures that are aimed at removal of tartar are known as “deep cleaning” and “root planning”.

Failure to keep your mouth and teeth in shape is a permanent ordeal for your immune system. It is a well-known fact that it is intended for fighting back short-term attacks (like flu). Prolonged involvement in this war exhausts your immune system and robs it of its potential. As a result, your body loses the ability to fight off invasions and becomes more susceptible to various illnesses.

How it is done

Your dentist may apply an instrument that removes dental buildup with the help of ultrasonic vibrations. These are so-called tickling vibrations, which obliterate a tooth from all sides and reach deep below the gum line where unhealthy stuff accumulates. The instrument features curved and rounded tips, which move and knock the buildup loose. The intensity of movement is adjustable, so the dentist can apply different modes depending on the severity of your case. The debris is washed away with water, as the dentist uses a spray system incorporated into the tool. This ultrasonic teeth cleaning is great for removing large plaques. Usually, it is followed by manual cleaning.

Manual cleaning is carried out with the help of fine scaling tools. The dentist will scrub off the remaining tartar. These tools are shaped in such a way as to match the shape of teeth and reach deep below the gum line. 

To finish the procedure, the dentist may apply fluoride gel or foam. It helps strengthen the enamel, which must have pretty much weakened due to the exposure to bacteria.

Is it painful?

Most patients say the procedure does not cause any serious discomfort except for tickling and zinging sensations. Some people even say they like the sensations. Pain may occur due to increased sensitivity of teeth and gums, which may result from other dental conditions. For this reason, it is strongly recommended that you go for a consultation prior to teeth cleaning. 


There is evidence that ultrasonic dental cleaning may interfere with the functioning of implantable cardiac devices (pacemakers). If you are using one, please, be very careful when choosing a dental care procedure. Use every little opportunity to consult your health- and dental care provider!

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