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Diabetes and Oral Health

Diabetes is a complicated chronic metabolic disease that causes many negative consequences. It affects the condition of important systems in the body as well as eyes, nerves, heart and kidneys of the person. Though the disease is so destructive, the patients are surprised when they discover one more serious complication of diabetes: deterioration of dental health. Actually, the condition features concomitant oral manifestations that harm dental issues. A study has revealed the prevalence of oral soft tissue diseases and tooth decay in diabetic group in comparison with non-diabetics. 


How oral health is connected with diabetes

What makes these problems connected? The answer is high blood sugar. When the patient does not control it, his white blood cells weaken and this destroys defense against bacterial infections.

With diabetes, the risk for gum diseases increases. Periodontal problems that occur during diabetes can bring to chewing problems and sometimes even cause tooth loss. Though cases of tooth loss decline on average, the percentage is still higher among diabetic patients. When the diagnosis is hidden and people are not even aware about this serious disease, dental problems can be the symptoms that reveal the disease. Dry mouth is one of them. This is a sign of undetected diabetes along with burning mouth syndrome and some fungal infections. Dry mouth brings to infections, ulcers, tooth decay and poor dental health. When the patient smokes, it complicates his condition. Diabetes prevents the healing process as well.

Interrelationship between dental health and diabetes

It is also worth mentioning that there is interrelationship between dental health and diabetes so there is two-way relationship between them. The gum disease affects blood glucose and deteriorates diabetes in this way. The diabetes progresses, while patients develop gingivitis and periodontitis. Diabetic patients are more vulnerable to bacterial infection and cannot resist effectively the bacteria that invade the gums.

Gums diseases should be never neglected, especially when the patient suffers from diabetes. One can lose teeth and create conditions when blood sugar rises. Infection increases the glucose level and disease is hard to control then.

What is necessary to do to avoid serious complications for diabetic patients?

The following measures can be taken:

  • Careful control of blood glucose level
  • Extra good dental care
  • Treatment of diabetes
  • Smoking cessation
  • Regular teeth cleaning
  • Routine oral screening

Specialists think that close collaboration between dentists and physicians is necessary to deal with the problem of oral health. It contributes to effective communication of dental care providers and helps to raise awareness among the diabetic patients who should prevent dental disorders. Visit your dentist regularly and keep your mouth in good health.

You can always come to Alpha Dental Care to have your teeth and gums checked. We provide family dentistry services for the residents in Milton. Just call us at 905-876-0200 to book an appointment for an initial consultation or in case of emergency.


Smoking and Oral Health
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